iDetail – An App and Then Some

iDetail is the perfect app for presenting your pharma details on the iPad, but that’s not the only thing it does. Unlike many one-off presentation apps on the market, iDetail is a dedicated platform with powerful, built-in metrics collection and in-app content updates. It collects data automatically and transparently while your rep is detailing. New content is stored in the cloud and can be pushed anytime to reps in the field. With iDetail you can manage all aspects of your brand presentations. You can use it as a standalone tracking system or integrate it with your existing CRM solution.

Detailing Made Easier

The iPad is a natural for pharma detailing. Its light weight and size make it easy to carry and present to a doctor at a moment’s notice – in the office, in the hallway – anywhere. No more lugging around briefcases full of paper detail aids. iDetail lets your reps download everything they need. Slides are optimized to load fast and look sharp. Not a second of your detail time is wasted. The lightness and portability make your reps more efficient, so they can complete more calls and cover more territory.

Your Message Up Front

One of the beauties of the iPad is how it “becomes” the thing that’s running on it – a book, a movie, a photo album. The device is designed to elegantly stay out of the way and let your whole attention focus on the “thing” in front of you – focus on the content. No extra buttons to push. No complicated navigation to distract you. This means your brand message gets to the doctor exactly the way you want it to. Clear and direct. And iDetail is designed to bring that same elegant simplicity into your detail presentations. Just a few basic gestures – up/down, left/right, tap, and two-finger swipe – are all your reps need to learn to use iDetail. Then the beauty of the iPad can let your product’s message come through loud and clear.

Analyze Your Effectiveness

Use the metrics you collect with iDetail to measure the effectiveness of how your rep is detailing. Is your brand message coming across clearly to doctors? Which presentations are reps using the most? What slides have the biggest impact? iDetail metrics track which specific slides were used from which presentation, how long was spent on each slide, the order of presentation, and the location where it was given.* Refine your sales pitch and brand message armed with real data.

* iPad 4G LTE plus data plan required.

Detail with Precision

With iDetail your rep has your whole detailing library to choose from at his or her fingertips. This gives them the precise control they need to make an effective detail and anticipate what topics their doctor might be interested in.

But even with this preparation, your rep needs the flexibility to shift gears if a meeting takes an unexpected turn. No problem. With iDetail’s intuitive, easy to use interface, your reps can instantly jump to exactly what they need and quickly adapt to whatever change in direction the sales call takes. No opportunity gets lost. No seconds get wasted fumbling to find that perfect data point to clinch the sale.

Control Your Content

iDetail lets you push updates to the field so you can have complete confidence your reps are detailing with up-to-date materials. Presentations can’t be altered once they’ve been downloaded to the iPad, so you can control the message your reps are delivering, and you can ensure your details are compliant with the latest regulatory requirements. iDetail also gives you the ability to make simple presentation updates.

Build Your Brand, Not Your App

Your strength is your product's brand and message. Not your software expertise. If you've invested valuable time and money with your agency building your brand strategy, why divert your efforts into building a presentation app when you can team up with an expert in the business of building apps?

With iDetail you’re getting a product backed by over twenty-five years of Thingee multimedia experience. That includes ten plus years in the pharma market working with companies and their ad agencies to build interactive presentations that incorporate the latest media technologies. You can trust us to make things work the way they’re supposed to in any format – every time, reliably, with no surprises. We stay on the cutting edge of technology, so we can work with you or together with your agency to build innovative detailing aids.

So choose the iDetail presentation platform and let your agency stay focused and working on what they do best. We'll handle the technology details. And we can help you through each step of deployment, whether it’s with training, file format conversions, motion graphic treatments, or whatever you need.

Native Apps for Better Speed and Performance

Thingee chose to develop iDetail as a native iOS app to give you the best speed and performance possible. These can make or break your sales call, where waiting for a video to load or for a sluggish interface could cause your doctor to lose interest and cost you a sale.

HTML5-based apps rely on middleware frameworks that translate the HTML markup language, JavaScript, and CSS styling into iOS code function calls. This middle layer can introduce response delays and increase the size that the app occupies in the iPad's RAM. Basic functions, like application loading time, transitions to a new slide, touching an image to trigger an action, and using screen touch gestures, can be slow and glitchy.

A native app, since it’s programmed in Objective C, runs faster and smoother and can access all of the iPad's built-in features. In fact, because a native app allows access to lower levels of the code, we’ve optimized iDetail’s features to deliver the best presentation experience.

Reliable and Secure

When you use iDetail as your platform, you can be confident it will be reliable and secure. iDetail is designed exclusively for iPad, which is backed by Apple’s commitment to quality. The iPad is one of the most stable and reliable tablets on the market. In fact, the Federal Aviation Agency recently certified the iPad as part of an in-flight replacement for paper manuals, and noted that there wasn’t a single software crash during the trial period.

With iDetail you have access to all of the standard security options Apple provides for the iPad. In a recent evaluation of mobile devices by a major security company, iOS security was described as an overall well-designed system, and it outperformed its nearest competitor in seven out of eleven security categories. In addition, iDetail data files are transmitted over the network using HTTPS SSL encryption to ensure security. Once downloaded, resident detail files cannot be copied when synced to iTunes or when using other third-party file management software. iDetail also works inside of mobile managed environments like those offered by AirWatch and MobileIron. With iDetail you can be confident your assets will be protected.