Your field force could be making more effective presentations using iDetail, Thingee’s superior pharma detailing platform, designed exclusively for the iPad®. iDetail combines iPad’s stunning visual display and easy-to-use, gesture-driven interface with powerful business analytics for collecting real-time detailing call information.

Follow Your Physician's Lead

iDetail’s presentation player gives your field force a fast and reliable way to put eye-catching content in front of your physician or healthcare practitioner. And with its simple, gesture-driven interface, they can easily navigate to any info the physician or HCP is interested in without missing a beat. More interest means more time spent detailing. And it may be the key to a long-lasting relationship that generates increased prescriptions.

Collect Real-Time Data for Your Analytics

Automatically collect real-time data on presentations viewed, time spent on individual slides, and the location of each detailing call* – all while your team is in the field. Free your field force from unproductive data entry. iDetail’s cloud servers make these and other metrics immediately available. And if your rep is offline, iDetail still collects detail data for uploading later. You can analyze your field force’s performance and modify your presentation materials and practices for the best return on investment.

* iPad 4G LTE plus data plan required.

Simplify Your Deployment and Compliance

iDetail’s over the air distribution makes it easy for you to push updates to the field as soon as they’re available. That means your field force can always be in compliance with the latest detailing information. And with several deployment options to choose from, Thingee can work with your IT department to make implementing iDetail a breeze.

Integrate with CRM and Data Providers

Are you making the best use of the field force data you’re collecting? Thingee can customize iDetail to help provide the kind of data integration you’re looking for. In addition to working with your CRM and data warehouse providers to deliver seamless data sharing among platforms, Thingee can also coordinate among the many stakeholder departments in your organization to help make your data integration a success.

Get Started

See how Thingee’s digital production experience combined with the iPad's revolutionary multi-touch presentation interface can make your field force more competitive in today’s digital selling environment.

Set Up a Demo

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See Your Presentation on iDetail

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Start Using iDetail Today

Contact us now if you’re ready to outfit your field force with this cutting-edge platform. Thingee offers a very competitive per-seat licensing. And we’ll support you through each step of your deployment.


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